Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Pokémon Theme Song Lyrics?

Gotta catch all the right answers

Along with turning all your conversations into strategy meetings about how to catch imaginary creatures in your city’s alleyways, an unexpected side effect of Pokémon Go’s wild success is that tons of people are rediscovering the Pokémon theme song.

According to Spotify, plays of “Pokémon Theme” — made popular by the cartoon show that started airing in the late ’90s — rose 362 percent in the past week, making it the most streamed track over the weekend.

Anyone who’s familiar with the tune knows its spiking popularity is totally justifiable -- it’s a straight-up JAM that makes you feel like an invincible, creature-catching badass. But how well do you actually remember the song? Test your knowledge below to find out if you’re a true Pokémon master or just a poseur. (No pressure ...)