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Amy Schumer Ditches Pants For Marie Claire’s August Issue

See ya in October, suckers

Amy Schumer covers Marie Claire's August issue and shows off the hottest trend for the sweltering summer month: not wearing pants. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Marie Claire. You get me.

The pantsless streak starts on the cover — where else? — with Amy in a lace-paneled bodysuit. No pants, definitely no problem.

Inside the spread, Amy practices the art of lampshading with a tan sweater and some fishnets. While a sweater-tights combo is a little more wintry than expected, there are no pants in sight, which is all that matters.

In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, we get a better look at the rest of Amy's looks and — rejoice!!! — pants do not make a single appearance. See ya in the fall, suckers.

You can see more from Amy's shoot and interview at Marie Claire.