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Victoria Monet And Ariana Grande Call For An End To Violence With ‘Better Days'

Their new single demands an end to the killings that happen ‘right outside our window’

With Ariana Grande’s help, Victoria Monet has added to the growing list of songs dedicated to victims of police violence.

On Sunday (July 10), the two singers released “Better Days,” a gentle R&B song that calls for Americans to resist falling into numbness despite the chronic violence that goes on “right outside our window."

“Baby, there’s a war right outside our window / Don’t you hear the people fighting for their lives?” sings Monet. "I’m praying for the people right outside our window / Hoping they find peace at night."

Grande sings backup throughout the song, which makes a powerful plea for “better days."

"I'm heartbroken by all of the recent tragedies that came as a result of hatred, racism and injustice,” Monet wrote on her Soundcloud. “I'm also sad at how numb some of us are to it, because it is far too common! This is not a video game or a movie you're witnessing on your screens! This is our unfortunate REALITY!"

On Instagram, Grande added, "During this challenging time, we have to remember that the only way we will progress is if the overruling force is #Love."

"To all of the lives taken pointlessly, we will not let you be forgotten,” concluded Monet. "You have sparked change in this world with your angel wings. Rest in Peace."