Blink-182’s ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ Video Stars Mumford & Sons As A Punk Band

There's something about this I can't quite put my finger ...

Blink-182 haven’t gotten any less weird with age, and that’s never clearer than in “Brohemian Rhapsody,” the last song on their new album, California. Like “Built This Pool” before it, the 40-second track is an exercise in the abruptness of punk — a quick blast of absurdity built around an energetic riff and a single silly lyric: “There’s something about you I can’t quite put my finger in.”

So how in the world could Blink whip up a music video for “Brohemian Rhapsody” that befits its ridiculousness, you may ask? Easy: they get Mumford & Sons (basically the trio’s polar opposites) to shape-shift into a SoCal pop-punk band, complete with posi jumps and phallic fruits.

The folk rockers swapped their banjos and suspenders for sideways baseball caps, tube socks, and sagging khaki shorts, giving their most convincing Blink impersonation. After Marcus Mumford and company pantomime their way through the track, the real Blink enter the room and have pretty much the best reaction ever. Watch the hilarity go down below: