Brian Rasic/Getty Images

#TBMTV: Spice Girls Versus America

"Why is American beer watered down? Can they not handle it?" Ginger Spice asks in this rare MTV News clip from 1996

Well before every bar in America served a dozen different local, artisanal craft beers on tap, MTV News's own Kurt Loder and the Spice Girls knew there was a problem: On an early trip to America, the burgeoning British superstars got to chatting about what could be done to help the poor quality of American beer. Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown suggested an investigation, which Loder quickly said the network had already covered. Journalism!

Be sure to watch this rare clip if you want to learn more about the soon-to-be global icons' other least favorite parts of the land of giant pretzels and valley girls.