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Troy Farts In Front Of Gabriella In Disney's High School Musical Parody

Disney XD turned the classic DCOM into something ... weird

Troy Bolton isn't shy about "Breaking Free" in a new High School Musical parody from Disney XD. They teamed up with the Bad Lip Reading YouTube to recreate the classic DCOM — minus its original dialogue and singing. Instead, you get a (duh) bad lip reading of the characters' conversations and songs.

The channel released two sneak peeks from the movie on Tuesday, and the full version airs Monday, July 11. Here's "Chorky" (Troy) and "Lumpkinella" (Gabriella) experiencing the "Start of Something New." After their romantic duet, Chorky scares Lumpkinella away by farting mid-convo. Awkward.

And here's the full cast banging on a lot of furniture, according to this "Stick to the Status Quo" parody:

Farting? Check. Burping? Check. Looks like Disney XD is really into adding bodily functions to DCOMs.