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Could This Photo Of Taylor Swift And Kesha Signal The Start Of A New Supergroup?

With Ed Sheeran and (most of) Haim??

Taylor Swift may have come under fire for only donating $250,000 to Kesha’s legal fund without offering a single tweet, but now she’s given Kesha the most priceless gift of all: an invitation into The Squad.

Look closely and you’ll find Kesha hiding among the barrage of photos that emerged from T. Swift’s star-studded 4th of July weekend. She’s not as immediately recognizable as Blake Lively or Swift’s totally legitimate new beau Tom Hiddleston, but she’s definitely there.

One photo in particular is getting us all fired up, though, because not only does it show Kesha and Taylor hanging out, it shows them hanging out in a room full of instruments. As in the kind that make music when you play them.

Swift’s childhood BFF Abigail Anderson posted a photo of what seems to be an impromptu jam session with Swift, Kesha, and two-thirds of the band Haim, a.k.a. sisters Danielle and Este. Ed Sheeran was apparently in the room, too. That’s shaping up to be one hell of a supergroup.

Haim have a new album due out sometime this year, and a few math whizzes have figured out that Taylor is due for a new record, too. She’s put out albums every two years since the beginning of her career, and 1989, as you may remember, came out two years ago.

Could this Instagram photo be the dawn of a new collab? Maybe, but only if Taylor manages to break Kesha out of that contract with Dr. Luke.