Wait, Did John Cena Actually Audition For Kim Possible?

Rumors have been circulating for years

Will Friedle is pretty much synonymous with Ron Stoppable in my book, since he voiced the iconic Disney Channel character throughout four seasons, two movies, and five years. But there was a chance someone else could've voiced the Kim Possible cartoon hero: JOHN CENAAAAAAA John Cena.

Yep, the professional wrestler and actor apparently auditioned to voice the dorky sidekick, but lost out to Friedle. Now, if you're a peruser of IMDb trivia, you probably would've seen that little tidbit on the Kim Possible page — which then inspired two Reddit posts from 2010 and 2012 — but unfortunately, IMDb trivia isn't always the most ~reliable~ source of information.

However, on Tuesday (July 5) Friedle himself tweeted at Cena, giving him the chance to confirm or deny the rumor.

Cena hasn't responded, but Kim Possible herself, Christy Carlson Romano, weighed in on the matter.

Honestly, same, though it's pretty impossible to imagine Cena's voice coming out of Ron's mouth. Cena's IMDb trivia doesn't mention this Kim Possible news, but it does state, "His best female friend is Christy Carlson Romano," so, uh, we'll just roll with that, I guess.