Bloodlines Turned Rivals: Are You #TeamNany or #TeamNicole?

A single vote made the seemingly inseparable cousins into enemies

Rivals III has ensured at least one forthcoming family reunion will be an uncomfortable one.

On tonight’s Challenge episode, cousins Nany and Nicole -- who’d previously shared an unbreakable bond -- found themselves on the outs for the very first time, and there’s no sure sign that their relationship will mend itself.

Issues began when Team Dario/Nicole -- an ostensible long-shot victor -- took first place on “Take It To The Grave” and won the power to vote two teams into The Jungle to potentially square off against the day’s losers, Nate and Christina. Dario and Nicole had previously committed to a rebel alliance, the exclusive objective of which was to take out Bananas/Sarah and Vince/Jenna. And as far as the team was concerned, there was no alternative.

“The line has clearly been drawn,” Dario insisted. “From here on out, we are planning to put Bananas and Vince in [The Jungle] every single time.”

But when it came time to nail down a plan of attack, Dario and Nicole’s tune quickly changed. Nicole revealed to Dario that Cory, who’d so far been Dario’s best friend, planned to vote Dario and Nicole into The Jungle in the event he and Ashley had won the day’s mission. Cory and Ashley had forged a secret, two-team alliance with Wes and Nany -- a development Nany had shared with Nicole in confidence -- that seemed to contradict Cory and Ashley’s alliance with Bananas and Sarah. Being in a position of power suddenly thrust Nicole’s back against the wall, and she felt obligated to finally break Nany’s trust and tell Dario.

“Cory’s playing a dirty, nasty game,” she said. “I gave him one opportunity to tell me the truth, and since he didn’t, he’s gonna get exposed really soon.”

A subsequent chat with Bananas and Sarah compounded Dario’s doubts about Cory and Ashley, and Bananas and Sarah very temptingly implied that Dario and Nicole could slip into Cory and Ashley’s spot in their alliance in exchange for a Jungle reprieve. So, when it came time for nominations, Dario and Nicole team flipped the script and voted two seeming allies -- Cory/Ashley and Devin/Cheyenne -- into the elimination round. Dario insisted his distrust for Cory and Ashley had become too much to overlook, and as for Devin and Cheyenne -- well, he just didn’t see them posing a threat if and when they returned.

Still, the entire house -- Bananas and Sarah included -- saw the move as shortsighted.

“Dario cannot be this stupid,” Devin insisted. “We talked about this for weeks. We’ve finally been given an opportunity to drop a bomb [on Bananas and Vince] and he’s not doing it. He’s a weasel.”

But no one’s scorn was as intense as Nany’s, who chided Nicole for breaking her oath of secrecy. Further, she saw Nicole’s eleventh-hour alliance with Bananas and Sarah -- Nany’s primary enemies in the game -- as disloyal.

“I trusted Nicole, and because of what she said, that completely screwed up mine and Wes’ game,” Nany said, before hurling throat-scarring vitriol at her cousin. “You guys win one f---ing challenge and now you guys are making f---ing deals that are f---ing me. But that’s fine, I don’t expect s--- from you. I don’t expect anything from anybody.”

Still, Nicole didn’t see where she had gone wrong.

“It does hurt my feelings,” Nicole said. “She’s not seeing things from my point of view. If it were the other way around, I would not be freaking out on her the way she is me.”

So, the Nany/Nicole bond has been at least temporarily broken, but who’s to blame? Share your thoughts, tell us if you think this former Bloodlines team can recover and be sure to see where they end up next Wednesday night at 10/9c!