Scream Suspicions: 5 Reasons Eli Is Making Us Raise An Eyebrow

Kieran's cousin = trouble

Looks like Stavo isn't the only creepy new kid on the block.

With the sheriff's son fully MIA from this week's episode of Scream -- let's hope he was out taking more shirtless selfies and not, you know, attacking teachers while wearing his Brandon James mask -- a second Lakewood newbie took center stage: Eli.

But Kieran's cutie cousin quickly proved he's not exactly normal trustworthy. Here are the top five reasons Eli is totally making us raise an eyebrow:

  1. He has breakfast in random people's homes.

    He calls it "Goldilocks-ing." Emma calls it "home invasion." We call it weird.

  2. He brought Emma to the Wren Lake Estates.

    And, um, that's exactly where Jake was lured and captured by the killer. Now isn't THAT a coincidence?

  3. He's subversive.

    While talking to Emma, Eli sounded sympathetic and caring toward Kieran but was really trying to make Em cast doubt on her boyfriend. Yeah, Eli, we know that trick: It's called "throwing someone under the bus."

  4. He macks on his own cousin's girlfriend.

    Asking Emma to dinner and then leaning in to kiss her isn't just breaking guy code and weakening family ties -- it's pretty stupid. Seriously, dude -- Kieran carries a GUN.

  5. He's been in trouble with the law.

    Eli had an interesting reason for refusing to call 911 when that model home burst into flames: He has "a history with the police." So what exactly is on Eli's rap sheet? You know, besides home invasions and failing to report dangerous fires.

Do you agree that Eli is super-shady? And what will Kieran do now that Eli's moving in on Emma? Tell us what you think will happen next on Scream, then get ready for another episode on Tuesday at 10/9!