Ill-Fated Lovers: Will This Scream Couple Survive The Killer's Brutal Attacks?

Stabbings, a severed hand and a cracked skull. Yeah, that's rough

Is this guy having a bad week or what?

On last Tuesday's installment of Scream, Mr. Branson was nearly castrated handcuffed to a bed by Brooke; unable to free himself and basically becoming the definition of "easy prey," he was then attacked by the killer, who brutally sawed off his hand. But get this: Mr. B survived.

During tonight's episode, a still-breathing Branson was used by the madman to taunt Miss Lang.

"He's waiting for you right out in the hall," the slasher hissed when he placed one of his trademark phone calls to the psych teach as she sat in her office. "Don't worry -- he's not handsy anymore."

See what he did there?

But when Miss Lang went to investigate, the first thing she encountered was a tiny toy pig -- the saaame one Jake found at Wren Lake Estates the night he was captured (anyone else obsessed with all the pig references?). The second thing she encountered: the killer, who was proudly holding her boyfriend's severed hand and brandishing his knife. Before he could stab her, though, the mousy Miss Lang managed to karate-kick him in the chest and run for her life.

Our thought bubble: WOAH, who knew she had it in her?

Before long, Miss Lang had her third encounter: There, laying on the floor, was a really bloody Mr. Branson (and his stump). She knelt down beside him, unaware that the killer was behind her and preparing to stab her in the back.

But damn, does that woman have reflexes: Just as the slasher lunged forward, she jumped out of the way -- causing the knife to plunge right into Mr. Branson.

Our thought bubble: Man, this dude has the WORST. LUCK. EVER.

Miss Lang fared only slightly better: The killer eventually threw her over the banister in a stairwell, sending her crashing to the ground...on her head. (Cue lots of blood)

A custodian arrived and found the gravely injured teacher, but what about Mr. B? Later, when Emma and that shifty Eli were "Goldilocks-ing" in a model house, they were blissfully unaware that in a nearby bathroom lay the bodies of both Branson and -- yes, he's baaaack -- Eddie the motel clerk.

Our thought bubble: Damn, THAT body must be pretty foul by now.

But alas, miracles are indeed possible -- Mr. B still wasn't dead. After the killer set the place on fire and flames began to engulf the bathroom, the wayward teacher's eyes popped open.

Our thought bubble: Does this guy have nine lives or what?

But can Mr. B cheat death once again? Can he make it out of the burning house and live to tell? (Madonna throwback!) And what about his latest love Miss Lang? Will she survive her injuries, or is she officially the killer's third victim? Share your thoughts on Scream's couple-in-crisis, then get ready for another episode Tuesday at 10/9!