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Can You Guess The Highest-Grossing Actress Of All Time?

She may surprise you

The nine highest-grossing movie stars of all time are men. Sadly, that isn’t much of a surprise, given Hollywood’s absurdly outdated gender wage gap. There is, however, one woman who appears in the top ten -- and she may surprise you.

Before we get to the big reveal, let’s see if you can guess who it is:

And the newly crowned Queen of the Box Office is... Drumroll please... Scarlett Johansson!


The 31-year-old is the youngest actor, male or female, to ever appear in the top 30 of Box Office Mojo’s list. Her 37 movies have raked in over $3.3 billion, placing her between Michael Caine and Gary Oldman on the list (Harrison Ford earned the top spot). The only other actress who comes close to ScarJo is Cameron Diaz, who ranks 19th with $3 billion.

In 2016 alone, Johansson appeared in two films that were major money-makers: Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book. Unsurprisingly, her box office gross has been hugely inflated by her contributions to the Marvel universe -- her two highest-grossing films are Marvel’s The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So... how about that Black Widow standalone movie, Marvel? Sounds like it’d be a pretty solid investment.