Blink-182’s New Song Is Literally 15 Seconds Long

You'll have it memorized after the first listen, guaranteed

It doesn’t take much to listen to Blink-182’s new song. No, really, it doesn’t... because it clocks in at a whopping 15 seconds; an exercise in the abruptness of punk music if ever there was one.

The band premiered “Built This Pool” on Wednesday, allowing just enough time for Mark Hoppus to let us know, “I wanna see some naked duuuuuudes, that’s why I built this poooooool.”

The 15-second version is being given away as a free download here, or, for all the masochists out there, you can listen to it on a ten-hour loop below (that's 2,250 times!).

Blink-182 (as it exists now: sans guitarist Tom DeLonge and with the addition of Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba) are gearing up to release their seventh album, California, on July 1. They’ve already shared lead single “Bored to Death” and are set to tour this summer with A Day to Remember and All Time Low. And if “Built This Pool” makes the setlist, you have literally no reason not to sing along to all 12 words.