Panic! At The Cabin: Rockers Go Into Hibernation To Work On Sophomore Disc

'It's been awhile since I've had some good s'mores,' guitarist Ryan Ross says in online post.

There are several thoroughly rocking places a band can hole itself up in to begin work on a much-anticipated new album.

But when it came time for the guys in Panic! at the Disco to embark on the follow-up to their platinum-plus debut, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, they decided to pick one of the most un-rocking places on Earth: an honest-to-goodness cabin nestled in the hills of Nevada.

"Guess you could say I've been hibernating for the past few months," guitarist Ryan Ross wrote on the band's site. "I'll be meeting up with everyone at the cabin in a few days to begin working on songs again. This record is going to be something very special to me, and I hope it is to all of you as well. I've got a few handfuls of lyrics and a pinch of music started so far, should be interesting to see what happens ... we're all very excited to be doing this again, plus it's been awhile since I've had some good s'mores."

We're feeling you on the s'mores tip, R-Dogg. Ross goes on to write that the song he's penned is "a love story," which is keeping in line with what he told MTV News back in September, when he dubbed the new album "a modern fairy tale" (see [article id="1540551"]"Panic's Vacation Plan: Shoot A Video, Write Songs, Find Spot For Moonmen"[/article]). But aside from that, there's not much in the way of additional details on Panic's sophomore disc.

The band's publicist told MTV News that the cabin is located in Nevada and added that Panic just arrived there on Tuesday. The guys are just writing at the moment and have not decided on a producer for the album, which is tentatively due this fall. There was also no word on the quality of the s'mores.

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