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Daniel Radcliffe Gets Grilled About Magic In Interview With Adorable Harry Potter Fans

These kids ask the Boy Who Lived the tough questions, including but not limited to, ‘How do broomsticks fly?’

Daniel Radcliffe may have grown out of his Hogwarts robes, but to some of his younger fans, the 26-year-old will always be Harry Potter.

While promoting his upcoming film Swiss Army Man, in which he plays a farting corpse, the former Boy Wizard fielded questions submitted to People by kids aged 4 to 11 — and perhaps unsurprisingly, many of them had magical inquiries. How do you turn invisible? (Well, you need an Invisibility Cloak for starters.) How do Firebolts and Nimbus 2000s fly? (Uh, magic?) What's the scariest magical creature DanRad has ever faced? (Hmm, Aragog or that Hungarian Horntail?)

Radcliffe answers all that and more in the video below. But if you want to skip to the super adorable part, at the very end, 4-year-old Stella — wearing a pair of Harry Potter's trademark glasses — asks (in her best Queen's English, of course), "Harry Potter, do you like my English accent?"

Dobby likes it very much, miss.

Merlin, these kids are as cute as an adorable horde of Pygmy Puffs.