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Kim Kardashian’s Naked Butt Is Out To Kill Sum 41 In Their New Video For ‘Fake My Own Death’

So are Bill Cosby and Donald Trump

Sum 41 are back with their first new song in years, and they’ve brought all your favorite memes with them.

The pop-punk band offered up a music video for new song “Fake My Own Death,” our first taste of their forthcoming album 13 Voices. It’ll be their first album in five years, and if this video is any indication, they’re coming back with a vengeance.

Like a darker version of the Adam Sandler flick Pixels, the “Fake My Own Death” video sees Sum 41 get pelted by an array of flaming memes. Nyan Cat comes for the helpless group, while buildings catch on fire after Miley Cyrus smashes into them on her wrecking ball.

Kim Kardashian’s naked butt (as pictured on her “Break the Internet” Paper cover) also falls from the sky to wreak havoc on the band. This is the second time her bare butt has appeared in a music video this week; on Saturday (June 24), Kanye West debuted the video for “Famous,” which featured the nude visages of a whole spread of celebrities including, of course, his wife.

Eerily enough, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby both show up in Sum 41’s new video just days after they popped up in “Famous.” Looks like everybody’s got the same celebrities on the brain.