Can Wes Close His Challenge Gap On Johnny Bananas?

The vets have been on six shows together, and Johnny has won three to Wes’ two

Ten years after Challenge adversaries Johnny Bananas and Wes first squared off against each other on The Duel, the two veterans are once again plotting each other’s demise. So who’s got what it takes to send the other home?

On tonight’s episode, Bananas and Sarah once again proved they were the Rivals III team to beat with a decisive win on “Up All Night,” which challenged teams to complete a memory puzzle after losing an entire sleep cycle. And, though Wes and Nany made things easy for the first-place team by coming in last and securing an automatic trip to The Jungle, Bananas seemed bummed he couldn’t have done the honors of sentencing the team himself.

“Wes and Nany are absolutely pathetic,” he said. “We’ve already voted in Wes and Nany. That’s obviously the way that we want to go.”

Ultimately, Bananas and Sarah decided to vote Teams Devin/Cheyenne and Jamie/KellyAnne to square off against the day’s losers. And though Jamie and KellyAnne, who eventually drew the Jungle’s dreaded Black Skull, seemed poised to win, Wes’ last-minute push secured a victory for Nany and himself.

Naturally, Wes vowed in the glow of his aftermath to take Bananas out, and with Devin/Cheyenne, Nate/Christina and Dario/Nicole on his side, it seemed as though he had a fighting chance against Johnny’s alliance. Already, Johnny and Sarah had secured Vince/Jenna and Cory/Ashley as allies.

“It hurts my heart to watch [Bananas and Sarah] skate to this final like the way that they’re going to,” Wes said. “We just need to make sure everyone understands if we don’t get rid of one [the members of that alliance], no one stands a shot at winning.”

Prior to Rivals III, and since 2006, Bananas and Wes have appeared on six Challenge shows together, and they’ve won a combined five. With Exes II as the lone wash (they were both eliminated before the final mission -- Sarah and Jordan eventually won), Bananas has racked up wins on The Ruins, Rivals and Exes while Wes has won The Duel and Rivals II. Could Rivals III finally be Wes’ chance to tie things up so that he’s 3-3 against Johnny in Challenge seasons in which they’ve both appeared?

What do you think: Can Wes close the gap on Rivals III, and will he leave his rivalry with Bananas tied at three games apiece? Or, do Johnny and Sarah have too much power, and are Wes and Nany’s days numbered? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Rivals III episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!