What Is Ben ‘Stinky’ Sturky From That’s So Raven Up To Now?

Hint: It's super awesome

That's So Raven had an eclectic group of characters over its four seasons, including smooth-talking Stanley, sassy Señorita Rodriguez, doofy boy Boyz 'N Motion, and strict Donna Cabonna. But perhaps none of them was nearly as memorable as Ben "Stinky" Sturky.

While he only appeared on three early episodes of the show, Sturky left a lasting odor impression on fans. His character was sweet and lovable, but never seemed to bathe, like Pigpen from the Peanuts comics. But thankfully, actor Joshua Harto seems to know what a shower is, because he cleans up quite nicely. Here he is all grown up:

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images For The Branding Bee

While this photo is from three years ago — Harto doesn't appear to be active on social media — he recently appeared in the Oscar-nominated movie Bridge of Spies, and has two movies slated for later this year: Gold and The Last Word.

Most importantly, he's one of several actors who's acted in both DC and Marvel films; he portrayed Coleman Reese in The Dark Knight and a CAOC analyst in Iron Man. ICYMI, here he is as Coleman Reese:

Warner Bros.

But no matter what role Harto plays, part of him will always be Stinky Sturky.