Severed Body Parts And Brooke's Bloody Attack: 7 Reasons This Week's Scream Was Off The Chain

Note: We knew Stavo would get shirtless sooner or later

Holy plot twist, Batman!

Noah looked like he was about to get gutted bite the dust on this week's Scream when he was captured by the killer and tied to a carnival ride alongside his BFF Audrey. But just as we thought it was curtains for the man who's moonlighting as Lakewood's very own Sherlock Holmes, Miss Jensen made a surprise announcement.

"I kidnapped us," she revealed. "Not the killer, me. You were starting to suspect me, so I figured if I got kidnapped, you'd know that I wasn't the killer."

Our first reaction: PHEW.

Our second reaction: WTF, Audrey!

But the revelation wasn't the only scene that was a total mindf*ck shocker. Here are seven more moments that made this week's Scream totally off the chain:

  1. Sheriff Acosta discovers the origin of those 'Riley' emails

    'Member when Emma's dad announced he'd been getting messages from Noah's dearly departed girlfriend? This week, the new sheriff discovered they came from -- wait for it -- Emma. But did they really? Acosta immediately assumed Emma's just batsh*t crazy -- heck, he'd even called her a "pretty little psycho" -- but Em noted earlier that having her sanity questioned by the cop "is exactly what the killer wants." So did the slasher actually send those emails? And better yet, is Sheriff Acosta a total a-hole or what?

  2. Stavo creeps us out/turns us on

    Our minds weren't just blown because the sheriff's mysterious son was taking photos of himself wearing a Brandon James mask -- but because he did it shirtless. Seriously, that body deserves a GIF:

  3. Noah admits he's into Audrey (yes, really)

    Thinking he was about to meet his maker, Mr. Foster began confessing his deepest secrets to Audrey. Among them: His hallucination-fueled kiss with her "made [him] feel something" and realize he'd "always kind of wanted" to kiss Miss Jensen. Bi-curious and The Virgin? Nah, we don't see it.

  4. Brooke cuts Branson like a bitch

    We thought the H.S. hottie was out of her effing mind when she tied Mr. B to a bed, sliced his cheek and threatened to kill him unless he confessed to murdering Jake. But it was just a f*ed-up well-devised plan to learn the truth: When the wayward teacher just couldn't admit to the crime -- because, um, he didn't do it -- Brooke knew he wasn't the culprit and announced that she'd let him keep all of his "man parts." That's our girl!

  5. The slasher suddenly appears...along with someone VERY interesting

    The murderer chased Emma around the fairgrounds while brandishing that damn knife -- and the minute he fled the scene, well, look at that: Kieran randomly arrived. Hmm...

  6. Audrey finally spills

    Unburdening her deepest secret, Audrey revealed to Noah that her connection to Piper isn't as sinister as we all thought. That is, if you believe her...

  7. The killer takes the hands-off approach with Mr. B (see what we did there?)

    After finding Branson still tied to that bed, the masked madman basically sawed off his right hand, then burned the bloody stump with a hot iron. Clearly, this dude got an "A" in Torture 101.

Which off-the-chain moment was your favorite? And do you think Mr. Branson will survive the attack and learn to become a leftie? Share your Scream feelings, then get ready for a new episode Tuesday at 10/9!