Scream Poll: Do You Really Believe That Audrey Wasn't Piper's Accomplice?

And if she didn't help the podcaster commit all those murders, who did?

Okay, so maybe we jumped to a few conclusions.

Since the Season 1 finale of Scream last September -- and that moment Audrey was seen burning letters she'd exchanged with Piper plus sheriff's department notes from the Brandon James case -- we've been throwing Miss Jensen plenty of shade. We've outright called her an accomplice to murder. We've also called her a bitch. And we've had more than a few moments of schadenfreude now that she's being called out for her misdeeds by another madman in Season 2. But is it possible that we were erroneous at fault inexact ok-we'll-just-say-it WRONG?

On tonight's episode, the high schooler came thisclose to revealing her involvement in Piper's bloody massacre when she and Noah were tied to that carnival ride (but not, as it turned out, by the killer -- was that a plot twist or WHAT?). Emma interrupted the revelation, but later, Miss Jensen finally confessed her sins. And, according to her, they weren't what we thought.

"I brought Piper to Lakewood," she announced. "I was so alone and pissed at the world, and so I found her. I wrote her letters. I begged her to come to Lakewood and help me research for a documentary about Brandon James."

Wait, a documentary? Really?

"The thing about Brandon is, he may have looked different but he wasn't a monster," she explained. "He was like me. He was alone, rejected and angry."

Wait, did we just start feeling a little bad for Audrey? Really?

"When people started dying, Piper swore to me that it wasn't her, and I believed her," Audrey said. "And now I'm paying for my mistakes. For all that blood. I deserve this."

Wait, is anyone else buying this? REALLY?

For his part, Noah stood to embrace his BFF.

"If you believe that, then Piper and this sicko win. You're not a monster, Audrey," he said. But that laptop on his desk was recording the entire confession, proving that the town's very own Sherlock Holmes was still on the case. Elementary, my dear Watson!

So did Noah really believe Audrey's admission -- and, more importantly, do you? Is it possible that Miss Jensen wasn't Piper's accomplice? Take our poll, below, and consider one other question while you're at it: If Audrey wasn't the podcaster's partner-in-crime, who was? We all remember the day Piper and Will were attacked at the abandoned car dealership -- and we ALL know that means someone else was wearing the killer's mask.

*Insert sound effect here* -- and get ready for more Scream next Tuesday at 10/9!

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