Here's What Happens When Selfie Sticks Violate A Stranger's Personal Space

'Ladylike' is using the popular gadget in trademark prankster fashion

Selfie sticks are a wonderful way to snap the ultimate photo of yourself -- but sometimes, the nifty gadget can be a bit disruptive if not used properly. And Ladylike is proving this point in usual prankster fashion.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode (premiering on Thursday), comedian Megan Gailey and special guest star/Girl Code vet Carly Aquilino find themselves out to lunch and in the mood to capture their meal with lots of images beyond the normal range of their arms. And let's just say their fellow patrons aren't too pleased with the duo invading their dining space.

"I'm seriously going to take your phone and throw it out the window. You're in my personal space -- this is insane," one angry diner declares. But little does she know, that's the whole entire point of this televised exercise.

So how does the rowdy meal end? Watch the clip to find out -- and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Ladylike on Thursday at 11/10c!