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Kylie Jenner All But Confirms Her Relationship Status In PartyNextDoor's New Video


Kylie Jenner and PartyNextDoor may have offered up the closest thing to a confirmation that they're dating as we're going to get. Behold:

PND premiered his new video for "Come and See Me" on Snapchat on Thursday (June 23), with Kylie playing his love interest. Other notable cameos include Jordyn Woods, Jordyn Woods's Snapchat story, Big Sean, JhenΓ© Aiko and a Kylie lip kit, which I believe to be the color "Exposed." All the major players.

And in case this doesn't seal the deal as far as PND and Kylie's relationship goes, it's worth noting that they make out in the rain at the end of the video. Need I remind you that this seems awfully familiar to Kylie's appearance in Tyga's "Stimulated" video ... and we all know how that turned out. We've got our eye on you, kids.