That SpongeBob SquarePants Penis Joke You've Seen For Years Is Totally Fake

This is a public service announcement

Every few months, a "new" listicle emerges on some website showcasing a plethora of dirty jokes in cartoons that went over your head as a kid. Mostly, these are the same 20-plus images recycled over and over, but one of them is an imposter that keeps sneaking its way onto lists.

SpongeBob SquarePants is no stranger to adult humor, but there's a certain penis joke that's actually not real; it's been photoshopped.


This joke, ostensibly heard in the Season 3's "As Seen on TV," looks like it'd fit right in on SpongeBob, but the bottom quote isn't the actual line from the episode. Mr. Krabs really says, "Quit fooling and come on out. I need ya to be in the commercial."

Mind = blown, right? Well, it shouldn't be, since Reddit user rjalh394 set the record straight two years ago after someone uploaded the pic: "I must have missed this joke as a kid." Nope, you didn't miss a thing, poopandpop42.

But since then, the "joke" has popped up on list after list, including a recent one on BuzzFeed. In the post's comments section, Facebook user Marissa Harrington-Verb set the record straight — yet again — and explained how "memory can play tricks on you," since we've seen that image circulating around for years.

Still don't believe me? Rewatch the episode for yourself.