Rivals Speak: Camila And Tony Address Their Challenge Fight

The duo was sent home during last night's episode

It was a challenge for Tony and Camila to compete together as a pair and co-exist on the long-running MTV series -- and during last night's episode, the duo was sent home after an intense argument.

After the installment aired, the competitors took to Instagram to address what unfolded in Mexico. First up, the Battle of the Exes victor thanked her fans for all of their support and explained that this particular season was "full of ups and downs."

"I am not perfect, and I never will be," Camila wrote, along with the snapshot above. "Being on the challenges have been such an experience, there's been some good and some bad, but one thing I know for sure is that I am closing the doors to this chapter of my life and I am done reliving the past. All I can hope now is that I learn from all of my mistakes and that I have helped you guys who have followed me and watched me to learn from my mistakes as well. I have been through a lot in my life which has impacted my life in so many more ways than I realized.

"I am glad that through watching myself all of these years, I am now able to really truly understand my purpose in this world and I want to live for a bigger cause than myself. I am human. And I've acted a fool so many times. But I'm also a good person and I have so much love and passion inside of me so I want to challenge myself from this day forward, to channel all of this energy into greater causes and to a much bigger purpose. For all those of you who have been following me the through the years, thank you! I appreciate you! And those of you that don't like me or don't agree with my actions... Hey! We're all entitled to our own opinions! Love you guys so much! #thechallengerivals3"

Next up, the Real World alum stated that he was "flooded with emotions" after reliving the televised incident and the subsequent aftershow.

"I 100% should have never reacted the way I did and if I could take it all back I would," Tony elaborated, along with the screengrab above with his former teammate. "I wish Camila and I could have worked things out and I apologize to her and her family. I was only trying to get my point across but that was the worse possible way to go about it. A lot of regret but I promise it is a lesson learned and I'll be a better man because of it."

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