Turning The Tables: Can Scream's Emma Go From Victim To Vigilante?

Faced with the killer yet again, Ms. Duval's thought bubble was a great big 'hell no'

"Is this really all happening again?"

Brooke asked that very question on this week's episode of Scream despite the fact that the answer is obviously well duh! yes: Not only is a brand-new madman killing off innocent victims (RIP Jake and Eddie the motel clerk), but he's also really been harassing Audrey by threatening to expose her connection to last season's psycho Piper. And now, the slasher has decided to officially start messing with the mind of someone else: poor lil' Emma.

Just last week, he'd apparently attacked Ms. Duval in the woods; this week, he tried some good old-fashioned taunting: After Jake's body was finally found (best. moment. ever.), the school went into lockdown -- and as Em waited it out in the Learning Center, she found Jake's phone in her bag.

"I emptied my backpack out last night at home," she told Kieran. "So that means someone at school must have put it there."

And, of course, she soon realized, the only person who could have had Jake's phone was...the killer.

But that was just the beginning of the masked madman's mindf*cks. Later, after being locked into a room for safety (yeah, right) by Miss Lang, Emma got a phone call from him -- her very first this season.

"Hello, Emma -- did you miss me?" he asked before adding, "I'm coming for you."

And damn if he didn't mean it: Em then heard footsteps and opened the window blinds leading to the hallway. There, carrying a frighteningly familiar knife, was the killer. So what did Emma do? Grab her cell phone and call for help? Cower in the corner? Cry for her Maggie mommy? Nope. This time, faced with yet another maniac, she went after HIM.

"Not this time," she shouted, pounding her fists against the window, then taking a chair and throwing it against the glass to get out of the locked room.

Once she'd gained release, Emma jumped into the hall and scoured the area for her new nemesis, showing a set of balls a heap of gumption we hadn't seen since that bloody dock confrontation with Piper. Filled with resolve, she proclaimed out loud, "I am not going to play your games anymore!"

All together now: HELL YEAH!

But does the most famous member of the Lakewood Six have enough girl power to battle the new killer? Can Emma really go from victim to vigilante? Tell us if you think she has what it takes, then see if she channels her inner badass again next Tuesday at 10/9!