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We Resurrected The Aggro Crag And Had The Challenge Cast Prove Who's Got GUTS

It's a #TBT to the extreme!

If you grew up in the '90s with access to cable television, you’ve probably fantasized about crushing it in the final round of Nickelodeon’s GUTS and standing atop the Aggro Crag as host Mike O’Malley announces your victory. Now, 10 years later, the Crag has risen again in downtown NYC -- but this time as the DEWggro Crag for the ultimate #TBT IRL.

Nickelodeon’s “The Splat” and Mountain Dew resurrected it (with an appearance from the legendary O’Malley) for one day only on Thursday, June 16, for anyone who wanted one last shot at fulfilling a childhood dream. Fans were competing as a part of DEWcision 2016 to help bring back from the vault one of two Mountain Dew flavors -- Baja Blast or Pitch Black. And to kick it off, who better to call on for the inaugural runs than the cast of The Challenge?

CT and Jenna duked it out for Baja Blast against Johnny Bananas and Camila’s Pitch Black. Overall, Baja Blast fans climbed the Crag quicker that day, but which Challenge duo really “had it”? Find out in the video below!