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Could Prince’s Unreleased Songs Be Turned Into A Broadway Musical?

The Paisley Park vaults could be opened to the public soon

Prince could soon be getting the Hamilton treatment — or his very own Cirque du Soleil spectacular.

Charles Koppelman, who’s responsible for managing the huge vaults of music Prince left behind when he passed away in April, spoke to Page Six yesterday (June 19) about his plans for the late artist’s unreleased work.

“There is so much to be done with this estate,” he said. "There are vaults full of music.”

Part of what could be done with all that unheard genius is a stage show of some kind, Koppelman said. He teased both the idea of a Broadway musical and a Cirque du Soleil–style show, both of which sound like they could be amazing Prince-themed theater experiences.

Prince made several forays into the movie world, most notably with the 1984 film Purple Rain. But his talent never really crossed over into theater during his lifetime.

Given Hamilton’s astounding success, it’s not hard to imagine that a Prince musical could sweep up on Broadway, too. His music already packs tons of dramatic punch — and that’s just the stuff we’ve heard so far. Who knows what’s still locked away at Paisley Park?