Playlist: Love To Orlando

Latin dance and queer club favorites to honor the victims of the shooting

On Gossip's song "Standing in the Way of Control," lead singer Beth Ditto sings, "Standing in the way of control, go and live your life, survive the only way that you know." For so many LGBTQ people, the club was a place of survival and visibility. Last weekend's mass shooting in Orlando, which targeted Latin night at the gay club Pulse, threatened to destroy the nightclub as a safe space. But in the words of Erik Roldan on the sanctity of LGBTQ Latin nights: "We won’t be left frightened. We are grieving, broken, angry, lost, and searching. However, through tears and shaky voices, we come together in love and resilience."

In that spirit, writers Charles Aaron and Erik Roldan have compiled a playlist of Latin dance songs and classic club hits to honor the Orlando victims, who were just looking for a place to dance and feel free that night.

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