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Lady Gaga Met The Friend Of An Orlando Shooting Victim And Their Story Is A Must-Read

'People you never expect to lift you up, will'

The day after she delivered a powerful speech honoring the victims of the Orlando shooting, Lady Gaga shared a moving story about lifting each other up in the wake of tragedy.

The singer wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about coincidentally meeting Loui Pacheco, a friend of one of the 50 victims killed in the shooting. The singer said she was in an exercise class on Tuesday morning, where Pacheco, the instructor, was extra cheerful and energetic, telling the class, “Today is going to be a good day,” even though they all “stood there in our trauma.”

Gaga recounts how Pacheco’s (pictured above) attitude — coupled with Ellie Goulding’s empowering song “Army” — motivated them as the class proceeded.

“As the music rose to the lyrics ‘when I'm with you, I'm standing with an army’ and we all climbed together, sweating out our stress and our thoughts, he yelled, ‘Today get stronger! And then stronger! And when you’re finished here go out there and spread that strength to the world,’” Gaga wrote.

After the class, Pacheco approached Gaga and teared up as he told her he was at the rally the night before, where she recited the names of the victims. The first name she read, he told her, was his friend, Edward Sotomayor Jr.

“In this moment I was reminded why it's so important that we protect all people and never doubt the absolute human heart that can always surprise you with its strength and love,” Gaga wrote. “Loui, a member of the LGBT community, who just lost his friend in the largest isolated shooting our country has ever seen, still showed up for work early in the morning to make ME feel strong. To empower me and all the other men and women in the class to keep going and get stronger so we could help each other.

“That's why you should never devalue another human,” she continued. “No matter their wrapping, their heart is just like yours and people you never expect to lift you up, will.”