The Odd Couples: These Brand-New Scream Hookups Are All Kinds Of Wrong

The goose -- and that wicked tequila -- got everyone feeling loose

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

A whole lotta booze -- including that wicked bottle of tequila definitely most likely sent by the killer -- caused the teens of Lakewood to make some unlikely love connections on this week's episode of Scream. From Emma's almost-dalliance with a guy who totally wasn't Kieran to a surprise ménage à trois, here they are in all their gawky glory:

  1. Eli and Emma

    As they decorated for Kieran's surprise party -- and pre-gamed with a few drinks -- the two stumbled on a chair, fell into each other's arms and came thisclose to kissing. Watch out, E -- Kieran totally looks like he'd cut a bitch.

  2. Audrey and Rachel

    There was nothing more disturbing than seeing Audrey rekindle her romance with last season's dearly departed Rachel, who was still wearing a noose and sporting bloody strangulation marks around her neck. Until, of course, that turned out to just be a hallucination and Audrey was really kissing someone else...

  3. Audrey and Noah

    Turns out, Miss Jensen was swapping spit with her very best friend Noah. And if that doesn't cross a whole bunch of boundaries, we don't know what does. Unless...

  4. Audrey and Noah...and Zoe

    Also high on the tequila, Zoe wasn't even PO'd to see her date for the evening kissing his self-professed "bi-curious" bestie. Instead, she kissed Noah. Then she kissed Audrey. Then she instructed Noah and Audrey to kiss each other. Then she took turns kissing each of them -- over and over. Things will be a little awkward at school on Monday, right?

  5. Brooke and Stavo

    She may have called the sheriff's son "a total weirdo" and a fanboy who's "obsessed with the Lakewood Six," but after he helped her through her tequila-induced hallucinations, Brooke softened -- and even thanked him for his efforts. Stavo then suggested the two "hang out" again sometime, and she gave him a "maybe." Note to Ms. Maddox: Probably not a good idea considering that Brandon James mask.

Which hookup did you find most awkward? Do you think Eli and Emma's attraction goes beyond booze? And can Brooke really trust Stavo? Start talking Scream, then be sure to watch the next episode on a new date and time: Tuesday at 10/9.