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North West Has Started Dressing Like A Certain Kim (Not That One)

She definitely has the hair down

Kim Kardashian and Lil' Kim are those close friends you never realized were friends in the first place. But little did we know that they hang out together, attend Kanye's fashion shows, and of course, even share a first name -- you know -- like real friends. Naturally, North West is going to pick up on some things, which is probably why she spent yesterday dressed like Lil' Kim circa the 1999 VMAs.

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Kim posted one of North's many dress up moments yesterday, showing Nori sporting a purple dress and matching wig while pointing out the "Lil' Kim vibes" she was presumably channeling.

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The similarities are definitely there. Apparently Nori can draw style inspiration from outfits she doesn't even know exist. Kudos.