7 Ways This Week's Scream Messed With Our Minds

Hey, where'd poor ol' Jake go?

Now THAT was one big mindf*ck.

On this week's episode of Scream, the new killer proved he's expertly skilled at playing games of the psyche (especially when it comes to Audrey but, seriously, doesn't she kind of deserve it?). From suddenly missing bodies to fake texts and emails, here are the top seven ways the killer messed with everyone's minds -- including ours:

  1. He cleaned out that storage unit in a jiffy.

    When Audrey went back to the Crescent Palms Motel's storage space with Noah, she expected to find Jake's disemboweled body again but -- surprise! -- the killer had removed the carcass and left the room virtually spotless. Con: This guy is a total psychopath. Pro: If he ever gets tired of the murderer thing, he's got an awesome future at Rent-A-Maid.

  2. He's apparently been screwing with Emma's dad for months.

    Mr. Duvall told Maggie that he'd been getting email updates about Emma from none other than Riley -- but as we all know, the fan favorite was brutally killed last season after trusting a text that was supposedly from Tyler. And that totally sucked because Riley was adorably sweet. And blissfully innocent. And for God's sake, she'd JUST found love with Noah. Yeah, it still hurts, okay?

  3. He must have been the one who left that message for Emma -- not her father.

    When Em stopped by the coffee shop to check her work schedule, she was told Pops had left her a phone message. In it, he said he finally had what she wanted: an answer for why he'd left her as a child. Too bad he hadn't left that message at all -- but it sure did lure Emma to the Crescent...

  4. He put together a special memento for Emma.

    When she entered her dad's room at the motel, Em found that someone had left a pile of newspaper clippings chronicling the massacre that still haunts her every waking (and sleeping, for that matter) hour. Nothing like a stroll down memory lane, huh?

  5. He practically used up all Audrey's airtime and texts.

    In his continued effort to freak the hell out of Audrey, the killer taunted her with a barrage of sinister texts and phone calls. But they were nothing compared to when he sent her that little videoclip showing she'd found Jake's body and removed the incriminating message he'd pinned to it. Even more disturbing, the nutjob also sent Audrey a live-stream of Emma standing in the motel room -- as he watched from the bathroom next to the mutilated body of Eddie (RIP dude, you didn't deserve it).

  6. He's making Brooke -- and everyone else -- think Jake's A-okay.

    So when are the citizens of Lakewood going to realize The Jake is sleeping with the fishes? Not anytime soon -- especially when the killer apparently has his phone and is using it to text (and piss off) Brooke. Note to Ms. Maddox: If you get a text from "Jake" asking you to meet him somewhere, please, please, PLEASE don't do a Riley.

  7. He left Audrey a thoughtful, umm, present.

    When she reached under her car seat, Audrey found the bloody corkscrew that killed Eddie. Note to Ms. Jensen: Please don't regift.

Which moment messed with YOUR mind the most? And who do you think will finally find Jake's body? Tell us your thoughts, and be sure to watch the next Scream Monday at 11/10c!