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Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, And More Prove That Bangs Are Back In A Big Way

A roundup of the best bangs of 2016 so far

While I may have recently declared 2016's Renaissance of Bangs just a couple days ago when Selena Gomez cut her famous locks (and then Bella Hadid quickly followed suit), bangs have been popping up throughout the entire year. Some fake, some real, some blunt, some side-swept: It's clear that a resurgence of bangs is upon us. If you need further proof, take a look back at some of the best bangs of 2016 -- and keep in mind, we are only halfway through the year.

  1. Rihanna
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    Always one to get on a trend before the rest of the world, Rihanna showed up to the Billboard Music Awards at the end of May sporting some subtle, but definitely present, straight-across bangs.

  2. Kesha
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    Also at the BMAs with some bangin' hair was Kesha, who rocked fringy baby bangs.

  3. Bella Hadid
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    Fresh on the heels of Selena's new cut, Bella showed up at Kate Upton's birthday party with a new set of bangs. Whether they're here for good remains to be seen (but since keeping an eye on this is in my job description, I will be sure to keep you posted).

  4. Gigi Hadid
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    While Gigi was definitely sporting a wig at this year's Movie Awards, she was still brave enough to walk a red carpet in full-fledged bangs.

  5. Joan Smalls
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    Probably the boldest (read: most bangin') look of 2016 thus far, is Joan Smalls's baby bangs at the CFDA Fashion Awards. The world applauds you, Joan.

  6. Hari Nef
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    If there's one person who would argue that bangs never left, it'd be Hari Nef. The one, the only Queen of Bangs™.

  7. Selena Gomez

    The chop heard 'round the world. Selena revealed a new addition to her famous locks by getting some new, fringy bangs. I'm not sure how she handles night after night of performing with these, but I trust that she knows best.

  8. Kendall Jenner

    While Kendall's said that she'd do pretty much anything to her hair except for actually get bangs, she's rocked her fair share of the cut (via wig, of course) in fashion editorials. Her most recent was a super layered look for W Korea.

  9. Taylor Swift
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    Taylor showed up to this year's Grammys sporting completely new hair. Her chin-length bob and heavy, blunt bangs were some serious foreshadowing of what was to come.

  10. Taylor Swift (Part 2)
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    Fast forward to Taylor's Vogue cover, which ushered in a completely new look for the singer. She cut and bleached her hair, but don't worry: Bangs still remained. Now Taylor has a severe side-swept look that seems like the modern upgrade to the side bangs of the early aughts. You know what I'm referring to.

  11. Zendaya
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    Queen of ever-changing hair Zendaya is definitely no stranger to bangs. While her mullet was the talk of the Grammys red carpet, lest we forget that it was a mullet with bangs.

  12. Zendaya (Part 2)
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    A few months later, she arrived at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in a more subtle look, pairing her straight blunt bob with matching bangs. But this wasn't the end.

  13. Zendaya (Part 3)
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    Most recently, Zendaya went to the Met Gala looking more like Cher than herself while rocking a full on bowl cut, bangs and all. Never change, Z.