Good Charlotte Make Us Want To Party Like It’s 2003 In The ’40 oz. Dream’ Video

The last band on earth throws one hell of a party

Bad news, everyone. The apocalypse has decimated Earth, and the only survivors are Good Charlotte.

That’s the premise of the band’s new video for “40 oz. Dream,” which, in perfect form, debuted over on Hot Topic’s website today. In the clip, Good Charlotte drive around a deserted planet, overjoyed at the thought of being the last band on Earth: no competition!

No cops have survived armageddon either, which means the band can wreak as much havoc as they desire in a Zombieland-like romp through empty gas stations and abandoned mansions. But by the end of the video, it turns out they’re not so alone in the world after all.

“40 oz. Dream” is the first single from Good Charlotte’s forthcoming album, Youth Authority, out July 15.