Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Snoop Dogg’s First Pitch Is Almost As Bad As 50 Cent’s

It's really pretty terrible

Major League Baseball, please take note: When you invite a rapper to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at any given game, please clear the field. Or at least provide extra protective gear. Or maybe just rethink your choice of pitcher? Honestly, IDK, because I’m beginning to think rapping and throwing baseballs must be mutually exclusive.

Case in point: The San Diego Padres invited Snoop Dogg to Petco Park on Wednesday to take the mound for the evening’s first pitch. Snoop was super stoked to be there, and probably psyched to prove he can be surrounded by green grass without a cloud of smoke shrouding his face.

And while his windup looked quite promising, things took a (literal) turn when his throw went rogue and almost beaned a cameraman’s leg.

To his credit, Snoop played it off smoothly, gleefully laughing at his funny faux pas. I mean, hey, at least he got a free jersey out of it. And besides, he can rest easy knowing he’s not the rapper with the worst first pitch of all time -- that honor still belongs to 50 Cent.