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Kourtney Kardashian's Pick For Worst Babysitter Is Surprising

No one's safe

Not only is Kourtney Kardashian a busy woman, she's a busy woman with three children. Luckily she has plenty of options when it comes to babysitters thanks to her enormous family — but who's the best of the bunch?

During Khloé's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she decided to FaceTime Kourtney for a fire round of questions. Naturally, Kourtney claimed the titles for funniest and sexiest, but when it came time to decide who's the best babysitter, she quickly responded with Khloé. The worst?

"Kendall, because she doesn't babysit."

Harsh, but fair. Khloé did chime in to add that she's been a little busy lately — you know, with the whole modeling thing. We're sure Kendall would babysit if she could. Maybe.