Watch These Challenge Finalists Reveal Which Season Was Their Very Favorite

For Johnny Bananas, it was all about proving himself

What makes for a perfect Challenge season? For a handful of former champs, it’s had absolutely nothing to do with coming in first.

Longtime competitor Sarah Patterson says one of her most memorable outings came from her very first game, The Ruins in 2009. She didn’t earn her first Challenge win until five years later on Exes II, but The Ruins, which Patterson nearly won, helped her prove to herself she could hang with the big dogs.

The Ruins kind of taught me that I have what it takes to do one of these,” she says in the clip above, before citing an additional favorite season. “Then Battle of the Seasons was so much fun ‘cause I got to be with all my friends, and I got to be with my fellow [Real World: Brooklyn] cast members.”

Meanwhile, Patterson’s erstwhile Rivals III partner Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio explains that one of his favorite Challenge seasons -- Rivals -- involved the chance to stand on his own two feet.

“It was the first time I kind of got out from under the shadow of the Kenny-Bananas-Evan dynasty where a lot of times it was like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re just kind of the third wheel,’” Devenanzio says. “Like, 'They’re the ones doing the work -- you’re just along for the ride.'”

So what made Rivals II's Camila Nakagawa’s most memorable show, and which does Nany Gonzalez remember favorably? Watch the clip to find out and share your choices for the top Challenge installments in the comments!