Another One Bit The Dust On Scream -- And A Fan Favorite From Last Season Finally Returned

Hey Brooke, bet you didn't see that one coming.

Eddie, we hardly knew ye.

The hapless clerk from Lakewood's Crescent Palms Motel became the latest casualty on tonight's episode of Scream, making him the second kill of the brand-new season. And if you thought Jake's demise looked painful, well...

Eddie, who just last week gave Noah all the deets about Piper's stay at the motel, wound up face-down in room 213 and repeatedly stabbed with a corkscrew. But his gory death wasn't the evening's only moment that will make for juicy water cooler talk. After all, a fan favorite from last season finally made his return -- with a little help from William Shakespeare.

"But in black ink, my love may still shine bright," Mr. Branson -- YASSSS, HE'S BACK -- uttered when he finally got through to Brooke's cell phone.

Alas, his charms -- and Sonnet 65 from Coriolanus -- didn't work.

"You are blocked on all social media, phones, even the telegraph," Brooke replied. "Consider this number blocked too."

At least the Lakewood queen bee had a new distraction: She'd decided to play matchmaker for Noah and Zoe, even bringing the latter to the Zenith Theater so they could all see a flick together. But when they arrived, there was a fourth person on hand: Stavo, the handsome new kid in town who's obviously been stalking crushing on Brooke. He handily tagged along, but when the foursome entered the lobby, they found another unexpected moviegoer: Mr. Branson.

And that's when Stavo became unexpectedly useful: After ripping Mr. B a new one, Brooke turned to the sheriff's son and pretended he's her bae.

"This is my new friend," she said suggestively.

Not missing a beat, Stavo went into tough mode and asked his faux galpal, "Is this old dude bothering you?" (Side note: Did anyone else think that was kind of hot?) He then attempted to win the game of charade by leaning in and planting a kiss on Brooke's ever-pouty lips. (Side note: Yeah, that was hot.) Score: Stavo: 1, Mr. Branson: 0.

But was the sudden smooch enough to make Mr. B give up his quest to win back Brooke? Even better, do you think this is the beginning of a romance between Queen B and Stavo (especially since Jake is, um, deceased)? And, last but not least, who do you think will be the killer's next victim? Share your thoughts, then catch the next sure-to-be bloody Scream on Monday at 11/10c!