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Oh ‘Wow,’ The Guy Who Stole Beyoncé’s Grammy Just Put Out A New Song

Beck returns with the hip-hop rappin’ ‘Wow’

Beck is gearing up to compete with Beyoncé at yet another Grammy Awards ceremony.

Last year, the singer-songwriter took home the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, beating out Beyoncé’s self-titled release to the surprise of just about everybody.

Naturally, Kanye West had some words to say about the upset. He might have to bring his soapbox back out for the 59th Grammy Awards, because Beyoncé and Beck are both about to be eligible for the same prize all over again.

Beck debuted a hip-hop-leaning new single called “Wow” less than two months after Beyoncé dropped her sixth album, Lemonade, meaning that the two artists have released music within the same Grammy eligibility period again. He’s also announced that his new album will be out October 21, which thankfully is just past the September 30 deadline for consideration at the 59th Grammys.

Hopefully this means that Beyoncé will get that AOTY as a form of cosmic revenge. At the very least, she can rest easy knowing that she looks way, way better than Beck in wide-brimmed hats.