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M.I.A. Shares A New Song From What Might Just Be Her Last Album

She’s promised a new LP in July

M.I.A. is just about done with music, but she still has one album left in her before she calls it quits.

The U.K. rapper recently promised that her new album would be out this July, and now she’s shared “POC THAT STILL A RYDA,” a new track that expresses solidarity with black activists in the United States.

M.I.A. shouts out Black Lives Matter on the track and also nods to #OscarsSoWhite, a recent initiative to highlight the lack of diversity in Academy Award nominations. Her music has always been heavily political, but this time around she’s highlighting a specifically American movement for racial justice.

Last month, the rapper tweeted that she was turning in her “last LP” to her label. It’s still unclear if that means she’s leaving the label or quitting music altogether, though a more recent tweet seems to point to the latter: "My LP is a break-up LP — with music,” she wrote.