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What Does Whitney Port Miss Most About New York City?

The MTV starlet has left the Big Apple and returned to her 'Hills' roots

Whitney Port may have left her City roots and returned home to those magical Hills, but the MTV veteran has nothing but fond things to say about her former East Coast stomping grounds. Give me those bright lights, warm nights...

"I miss the energy and how much it really motivates you," the 31-year-old recently revealed to MTV News. "I have a little bit of travel anxiety when I go there, just the buzz of it and the rat race of how competitive it is. But then once I’m there, I really feed off that energy, and I feel like sometimes I could take my career further if I actually lived in New York City. But I don’t really want to live there because it’s a more difficult lifestyle, and I’m an LA girl. And I got my husband who is from Manhattan to move to LA, and he’s just fallen in love with it -- so I don’t think there’s any going back."

Well, Lady Liberty misses ya, Whit. For a fun rewind, relive one infamous scene from the Big Apple–based series: Olivia taking credit for pulling the look for that Jessica Alba Elle cover!