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The Originals Star Joseph Morgan Previews 'Huge' Finale Showdown For Klaus And Marcel

Is Marcel actually capable of fulfilling the prophecy and condemning Klaus to death?

Klaus and Marcel's relationship on The Originals has always been complicated, but there was also a sense of mutual respect between them. No matter how far Klaus strayed off course, Marcel thought of him as family. Despite the conflicts and quarrels, their bond was seemingly impenetrable. Always and forever, right? Wrong.

In last week's episode, Marcel made a devastating choice in the wake of Davina's death -- one that permanently changed the nature of his relationship with the Mikaelsons. Now, Marcel isn't the same karaoke-loving vampire king we knew and loved; he's been tainted by vengeance.

"He has that fire back and that anger back that he quelled for so long," Joseph Morgan told MTV News. "I'm happy because I love that version of Marcel and those aspects of his character... we're seeing that Marcel. Only, now, these wounds are fresh. These are some of my favorite Klaus and Marcel moments of the entire show."

But even in his serum-induced new state, is Marcel actually capable of fulfilling the prophecy and condemning Klaus and his family to death? (To be completely honest, Elijah is probably numero uno on Marcel's original vampire hit list.)

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"The prophecy is going to pay off, thankfully," Morgan said. "It'd be a bit of a letdown if it didn't, wouldn't it? The Mikealsons are fighting tooth and nail for the best possible outcome, but this thing has been hanging over them for a whole season. It's interesting to see how it plays out. The finale is definitely a huge finale where all of that is paid off."

However, will it pay off at the expense of the Mikaelsons is an entirely different question. For all of their singular issues, the Mikaelsons have never managed to go this long without losing one of their own. With Rebekah hanging onto the edge of her sanity and Kol still heartbroken over Davina, Elijah and Klaus have to hold down Team Mikaelson -- if only they were on the same team.

"There's certainly a wedge between them," said Morgan. "They're going to have to deal with that whilst dealing with the fact that this prophecy is coming to a head and everything is about to happen. Normally, the show moves 100 miles and hour. It doesn't slow down much. So the end of the season is an exaggeration of that. So they have to deal with all of their personal issues while trying to keep their family alive."

As much as we all enjoy brotherly moments between Klaus and Elijah, Morgan and actor Charles Michael Davis are certainly the stars of tonight's character-driven Season 3 finale, which also features the return of Claire Holt's Rebekah Mikaelson.

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"There's so much we have to do together, Charles and I. It's so dramatically charged, and there's so much history. As an actor, it's an incredibly exciting opportunity."

The Originals has never had a shortage of drama. In fact, this entire season was inspired by the idea of a Shakespearean tragedy, with the Mikaelsons' centuries-long legacy of placing family above all catching up to them to them in the present. Ultimately, it may even lead to their destruction.

"It's rather dramatic," Morgan said. "Me and [Daniel] Gillies talk about that quite a lot. It's not realism. It's not like we're trying to be very natural and very real. There's something heightened about it. It has to be, with the kind of dialogue we have to deliver -- the witch, and the curse, and the wolf, and the moon, and the prophecy. It's getting a little Shakespearean now."

However, that sense of drama is what separates The Originals from The CW's typical genre fare. It's never been a show that shies away from killing main characters. The recent deaths of Davina and Cami prove just that. And the death toll may continue to rise in the finale.

"It's important, in the kind of world that we're operating in, to feel like the stakes are high and that there's real jeopardy for characters," Morgan said. "In fact, I think last season we probably could have done with doing a little more of it. Maybe that's just Klaus rubbing off on me."