Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Move Over, Brienne And Tormund — There's A New Ship On Game Of Thrones

Courtesy of Sophie Turner

It's been less than a week since fans started shipping Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones — which is totally canon, by the way — but they're already about to be old news.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Friday, Sophie Turner gifted us the new GoT ship we're totally here for this season. When asked about Sansa Stark's ideal romance, Turner said she believes her character is "gonna have to swing the other way, 'cause the men thing isn't working for her."

So which lady friend should Sansa pair up with? Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), of course! But, don't let King Tommen hear this, Sansa. He may be 10000x kinder than King Joffrey, but he's still all about his beloved queen.