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13 Of Paris Hilton's Boldest Graphic T-Shirts

Got blow?

The days of graphic tees are long behind us, but based on the resurgence of other early-mid 2000s trends like denim skirts, chokers, and crop tops, it seems like their rebirth could be upon us soon. Paris Hilton recently went through her closet for Vogue and noted how many low-rise jeans she owns -- and I proceeded to highlight her lowest -- but lest she forget she's also the queen of the graphic T-shirt, another culturally significant trend of the early aughts. Whether she's making a political statement or telling you to get the fuck out of her way, Paris made her boldest statements through her simplest article of clothing.

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    What she said.

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    Nothing like a T-shirt to endorse a presidential candidate.

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    Double the Paris, double the fun.

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    It's important that your friends also wear shirts with your face on them.

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    U tell 'em, girl.

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    Queen of Von Dutch.

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    Oh, OK.

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    Eloise and Paris are one in the same.

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    Paris loves a lot of things, OK.

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    Hell yeah.

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    Supporting the brave men and women the the New York City Fire Department by getting her palm read in a form-fitted tee. Never change, Paris.