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Taylor Lautner Offers Up Taylor Swift’s Digits In His First Instagram Post

Pretty ballsy move, tbh

If you’re just making your Instagram debut in the year 2016, you better have two things taken care of. First, you should be able to explain what took you so long to join the beautiful world of filtered FOMO. And second, you better have one hell of a first post.

Taylor Lautner, for his part, has accomplished at least one of those things. The 24-year-old hasn’t quite explained his years-long absence, but he did craft a debut post on Tuesday that’s already amassed him over 400,000 followers.

The minute-long video (remember, you can do those now) features a pair of unexpected guests, Adam Sandler and David Spade, who shoot down all of Lautner’s Instagram launch ideas, including back-flipping and dabbing. But he finally convinces Spade to help him after throwing down the trump card: Taylor Swift’s phone number. Sure, he and Swift only dated for a few months back in 2009, but apparently he’s kept those digits on lock. Awww.

Lautner captioned his clever vid, “Hello Instagram! It only took me until the year 2016 to finally join, sorry I’m so late to the party haha. Huge thank you to my buds @adamsandler and @davidspade for helping me introduce my page.”

Sooo, it’s only a matter of time before Lautner posts vids of his parkour (PARKOUR!) skills and Twilight #TBTs, right?! We’ll be waiting.