What American Pop Star Do Even The Most Sheltered Amish Kids Know?

MTV2's Binge Thinking tests one young Amish woman on her pop culture knowledge

Rumspringa is a time when some young Amish men and women diverge from their simple, traditional lifestyles to experiment with alternative fashions (what they call "dressing English"), drink alcohol, and ride in motor vehicles. When it's over, some may decide to leave their Amish ways behind and some may resume the life they know -- what's certain is that in their time of discovery, they can't possibly catch up on all the American pop culture they've missed.

On the latest episode of MTV2's Binge Thinking, when hosts Mac Lethal and Amber Diamond run into a young Amish woman on her Rumspringa in Kansas City, they check to see exactly how much she's caught up on. Amy Schumer does not ring a bell, but it seems one pop star was big enough to break even the thickest Amish barriers. See who she recognized below.

Tune in to see the rest of Binge Thinking tonight (May 13) on MTV2 at 11:30/10:30c.