Let Daniel Radcliffe's 'Magic' Dick Guide You Home In This Swiss Army Man Trailer

Well... he couldn't do that at Hogwarts

A lot can be said about Daniel Radcliffe's latest film, Swiss Army Man. It's the charming tale of a depressed young man (Paul Dano) who befriends a farting corpse (Radcliffe) he find on a deserted island. (OK, sure.) It also features one of the most ambitious scenes in modern cinematic history, in which Dano rides Radcliffe across the ocean like a jet ski, propelled solely by the power of Radcliffe's farts. (What?) It's a film that somehow strikes the perfect balance between pathos and flatulence. (Huh.)

But really, it's an audacious, and sometimes moving, exploration of the human condition. Throughout a wonderfully bizarre 95 minutes, Dano's desperate character Hank chats with Radcliffe's Manny about love, life, masturbation, and farting etiquette. Oh, and in addition to the jet ski, Hank also can be seen using Manny as a water fountain, a grappling hook, an ax, and a compass! (In this film, Radcliffe has a "magic" dick, but anyone who has ever seen Harry Potter could tell you that.)

Anyway, watch the newly released Red Band trailer above and forget everything you thought you knew about Radcliffe... and jet skis. This is one truly unique moviegoing experience you don't want to miss.

Swiss Army Man hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles on June 24, with a nationwide release planned for July 1.