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James Blake’s Lemonade Track Got Blue Ivy’s Seal Of Approval

Blake spills on his new album, Beyoncé, and Frank Ocean

Apparently working with Beyoncé one time is enough to convince anyone that they, too, can surprise-release an album. At least, that’s what James Blake has done -- just hours after announcing his third album would drop Thursday night, The Colour In Anything was available to stream. Just like that!

Whether or not that decision was directly inspired by Bey’s recently released Lemonade is still a toss-up, but Blake admits in a new interview with Pitchfork that working with Beyoncé was “flattering” and left him “honored.”

Blake -- who co-wrote Lemonade opener “Pray You Catch Me” and who features prominently on “Forward” -- told Pitchfork of the collab, “Beyoncé came to the studio, and I was sitting at the piano when I met her. She was just lovely. [...] With somebody at that level, you can never really be sure, just because there's so many people involved in a record, but she's such an accomplished writer and singer.”

Blake also had the distinct privilege of meeting Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter, who gave her approval to his work.

“Blue Ivy was there, too, which was nice,” Blake said. “She was singing along to the song, which was a huge compliment, because kids just don't have any pretense whatsoever.”

Besides dishing on his work with Beyoncé, Blake gave some (admittedly vague) insight into Frank Ocean’s long-awaited new music. Ocean is credited as a co-writer on The Colour In Anything, and Blake has been helping Ocean write music for the follow-up to 2012’s Channel Orange.

When asked if Ocean’s record would be worth the wait, Blake replied, “Yes, from what I know. It may be subject to change. He is onto something, he really is.”

Ocean fans, keep those radars on and alert -- this is clearly a crowd who likes to drop things when we least expect it.