Ian Spanier

Challenge Champ: Is Jamie Feeling The Pressure Before Rivals III?

Cara Maria's cousin sounds off on his mission to take home back-to-back victories

Tasting a Challenge victory is an unforgettable and fleeting moment -- but Battle of the Bloodlines gold medalist Jamie (aka Cara Maria's cousin) is feeling the pressure as he begins his quest for back-to-back wins.

"I think being the reigning Challenge champ would kind of give me a disadvantage," the Rivals III athlete revealed to MTV News (as seen in the video above), with his partner KellyAnne standing by his side. "I feel like people think I probably didn't deserve it because it was my first time or, you know, they want to get me out of the house because they see me as a threat."

Well, Jamie was able to survive a head-to-head match-up against CT, and the family members ousted Bananas and Vince in the Turkey-based installment -- so he's definitely a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

But if the Massachusetts native does find himself in an elimination round, he has some choice words for anyone who puts him in that stressful situation.

"If you vote me in, I'm gonna try and take you out," he says. "And then when I come back, I'm going to take out whoever you are with."

So how does Real World: Sydney alum KellyAnne feel about her teammate's Bloodlines title? Watch the clip to find out -- and be sure to catch the duo on The Challenge: Rivals III tonight at 10/9c!