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A Flash Star Reveals Cisco's 'Instrumental' Role In Stopping Zoom

The particle accelerator explosion might be the key to it all

Barry Allen no longer has his speed on The Flash, but Harrison Wells has a plan to get it back -- create another particle accelerator explosion. Yeah... no one said it was a good plan. But let's face it: Team Flash is out of options, and the only way to get Barry's groove back is to try and spark what created it in the first place.

Meanwhile, Cisco has a few personal problems of his own to deal with, starting with the meta-human from Earth-Two that comes to Earth-One seeking revenge with a capital "R." It's a rather fitting word for Rupture, the evil Earth-Two doppelganger of Cisco's Earth-One brother Dante, who arrives in Central City to totally ruin Cisco's day in the name of justice for his own brother's death (Reverb).

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Oh, and in the midst of dealing with all of this brotherly drama, Team Flash's recreation of the particle accelerator explosion might just open up an entirely new can of worms for Barry, Cisco, and co. MTV News chatted with Carlos Valdes ahead of this week's episode, titled "Rupture," and here's what the actor had to say about Wells and Barry's big plan and Cisco's "instrumental" role in stopping Zoom.

MTV News: We know this week's episode will see Cisco face off against Rupture, his brother's Earth-Two meta-human doppelganger. Since Cisco and Dante didn't leave things on good terms, how is he going to deal with this new intruder?

Carlos Valdes: Basically, the last time we left Cisco and Dante's relationship, Captain Cold had just forced Cisco to give up Barry's identity so that he could save his brother. Cisco did that, and that showed, subconsciously, how important family is to Cisco, especially his brother. Initially, in that episode, we ended that arc by having a very heartwarming and loving resolution between Cisco and Dante, but it got cut for time. So in this episode ["Rupture"], that actually gave us the luxury of being able to continue the hostility that exists between these two characters. The conflict between them is charged with the trauma of that experience and whose fault that was -- there's a lot of resentment there. Cisco still carries a lot of guilt. So yet again, that relationship is tested by the arrival of Rupture.

MTV: Does Cisco project all of this baggage onto Rupture since he can't really say it to his brother?

Valdes: The thing about Rupture is that he reveals himself to be Dante Ramon from Earth-Two, and on Earth-Two, Dante and Cisco were brothers, so Rupture thinks that Earth-One Cisco killed his brother. So the parallel relationships between these brothers is the focus of this episode, and it's actually really interesting to expose similar vulnerabilities on both sides. Family is extremely important to the Ramons on both Earths.

MTV: Watching Cisco come into his own this season has been really delightful. Will he take a more proactive role as Vibe in these final few episodes?

Valdes: Absolutely! That's been one of the most exciting things about Season 2 in general. I've been able to play Cisco's developing maturity, from his reluctance to accept these powers, which has always been an issue with him because of the part Harrison Wells played in giving him these powers -- there's always going to be a seductive taste to the dark side -- but overtime, he's learned to control them. Fans can definitely expect Cisco to step up considerably in these next few episodes. His powers are really going to prove instrumental in helping to stop Zoom.

MTV: If and when Barry gets his speed back, what can they do to even stop Zoom from taking over all of the Earths?

Valdes: It's interesting. This next episode creates an event. The re-creation of the particle accelerator launches something. It launches something that's very important, and it basically takes us in a new direction. It opens up a new possibility, and that new road leads us to the places we ultimately end up depending on in the fight against Zoom. So that's why these next two episodes especially are so important. We start uncovering possibilities that allow us to develop a plan to stop Zoom. It really does become a true team effort.

MTV: So Wells's master plan to get Barry's speed back and defeat Zoom sounds pretty sketchy. He wants to re-create the particle accelerator explosion. We know Barry's dads are split on the idea, but where does Cisco fall on that spectrum?

Valdes: Even though Cisco has the scientific knowledge to be able to see this as a pretty legitimate plan, he still thinks it's ridiculous. He's sort of a window for the audience in that way. He thinks it's absolutely insane! But even though it's ridiculous, it's literally the only plan that the team has. They've been backed into a corner, and the only way that they can even get Caitlin back, or stop Zoom, is to get Barry's speed back. So there's literally no other option. It's less of a matter of rejecting the insanity of this plan and more a matter of accepting the reality -- and Barry is pivotal to that. It becomes his decision to make.

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MTV: Will Cisco find himself working with Wells on this one?

Valdes: Even though Cisco has a strange and often hostile relationship with Harry, I think there's a lot of love underneath. There's a lot of love between those two characters, and that love engenders a trust that Cisco has toward Harry because Harry always comes through in a clutch. So Cisco trusts that the plan will work not just because Harry's science is so sound but also because deep underneath that curmudgeony exterior, he knows Harry's heart is in the right place. He wants to do the right thing.

MTV: As long as this experiment doesn't mirror that events of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, in which Barry Allen tries to re-create the particle accelerator explosion by strapping himself into a chair in the middle of lightning storm and proceeds to get burned to a crisp, then we're good.

Valdes: It's similar but different -- I'll say that!